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Work from home: Tips and Tricks

The pandemic has conditioned us in several ways, not able to go at the workplace and working from home is one of them. Work from home is one of the major adaptations that we went through in 2019 along with the curbside pickup shopping and wearing a face mask.

In the current scenario, many professions are involved in the work from home practices apart from the one requiring the absolute presence at the workplace. The call center that employs many students, like the one we have here is the Sydney call center, and Concentrix employing the CBU students are part of this change. Many students are currently studying and working from home spending their majority time in the room.

There is no escape from the situation, so we thought of providing you something that will help you fit right in. Here are some tips to help you avoid burnout during work and study.

Pick the right type of chair:

If you are working on your computer for the majority of the time, perhaps sitting on your dining chair is not a good idea.

Keeping your spine bent for a long time can be painful and we all know this fact but, keeping your back completely straight for a long period can be discomforting as well. The ideal way is to find a middle way, this can be done either by fusing pillows or finding the chair with the right curvature.

Getting the chair that allows you to flex your spine by reclining a little is the best option. These chairs are easy to find and are available almost everywhere at a reasonable price.

Picking the right place to sit:

Ambient light condition is important for your eyes when working for a longer duration. Sitting in a dark room with the only light source as your laptop is likely to damage your eyesight.

The best possible source of light is the natural source, sitting near the window or screen that permits sunlight not only provides better light but also helps you relax your eyes when you are peaking outside.

During your video conference or presentation, natural light creates a positive impression. You need to make sure that the light source is in front of you and not at the back so that you are eliminating any unnecessary glares on your screen.

Organizing your workspace:

If the table that you are working on is messy then you are not definitely motivated to go there every morning are you? The most important step I think is keeping the workspace as clean and organized as possible.

A few of the things that I recommend keeping on your workbench is:

1- Basic stationery- Pen, pencil, eraser, post-its, sticky notes, and a notepad.

2- Bottle of water.

3- Some basic snacks.

4- A small plant or vase (if you are not allergic of course)

5- Some sort of fidget always helps, like a small ball or spinner.

Another thing that you can do is keeping some bright colors on the background, this will create an impression during your presentation.

Staying active:

Standing from the chair periodically and straightening your back should be an integral part of your routine.

Regular exercise always helps you stay fit and healthy. Some gyms are not functional during the lockdown but there are always some alternatives like

  • Yoga

  • Cycling

  • Running

  • Practicing martial arts

  • Hiking

  • Skating

  • If not you can always buy some equipment and make a house gym.

Doing the exercises will help you stay in shape and reduce your screen time as well.

Differentiate your work and personal space:

Separating your work from your personal life is important and it grants you some time for your personal activities. Combing both the activities usually ends spoiling both the activities and poor quality of work.

The best example of this is “laying on your bed and working is not the best way to work“

Hope that we all recover from this pandemic very soon and get back to the previous routine.

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