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Wordle – The word game that’s become a sensation

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

While scrolling through your social media timeline, you might have seen a few colored tiles appearing with the word Wordle on top. That must have got you wondering what this is all about and why there are so many people posting about it? Wonder no further as we’re here to explain the game and the hype behind it.

In simple terms, Wordle is a game where you must guess a five-letter word. You have six attempts to get the correct word.

You can start by guessing a word and if the alphabet exists in the word of the day, then the tile associated with the alphabet turns yellow. If it’s in the correct position as well, then the tile turns green. If the letter doesn’t appear in the word at all, then its tile turns grey.

As you get more greens and yellow blocks, the easier it becomes for you to guess the word.

Image – Screenshot from the game

One important thing to keep in mind before playing is that the game accepts only real words. While you might want to check with letters that are common, do ensure that you put together five alphabets that form a word you’d find in a dictionary.

You might be wondering how often you can play the game? There is a new word every day, between successive midnights (time zones don’t matter). Hence, you can play it just once a day. That might be a good thing or a drawback, depending on you.

Once you enter the correct word, you will get a share button. Clicking on that will copy your results and you can paste it to social media. The format of the results are: Wordle, followed by the day number, followed by the number of attempts you took to get the correct word. For example, if it says ‘Wordle 211 4/6’, that would mean that it’s the 211st day with a new word in the game and that you took four attempts out of six to get the answer.

Interestingly, the game was created by Josh Wardle as his partner is a fan of word games.

To play the game, head over to:

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