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Winter Activities in Cape Breton

During the winter, it can sometimes seem that there is not as much to do in Cape Breton as there is in the summer. However, there are plenty of winter activities students can take part in to enjoy the snow.

One winter activity on campus is the disk golf course. Frisbees are available to borrow from the CBU Rec Center, which is located at the Sullivan Field House.


Snowshoeing is a great way to go hiking when trails are snowy. Cape Breton has plenty of hiking trails with fantastic views. Snowshoeing can become tiring quite quickly, but it is an easy way to be able to see great winter views.

If you choose to use snowshoes on a trail, make sure you take proper safety precautions. Some suggestions on how to stay safe when winter hiking can be found here. There are a lot of hiking trails in Cape Breton, however some recommended for snowshoeing by destination Cape Berton include Climb Cape Mabu Highlands, Louisbourg Oldtown Trail, Skyline Trail, Clyburn Valley, Tenerife Mountain, North Highlands Nordic and Roberts Mountain.

Roberts Mountain

Snowshoes are available to borrow from the CBU rec center. Additionally, they are also for rent from the Cape Breton Regional Library for a week at a time. However, to do so, a library card is needed, and you can sign up for one here. Snowshoes can also be rented from North Highlands Nordic, Ski Ben Eoin and Cape Smokey. In all these locations, snowshoes are to be used on their respective trails and all these locations have great views from their trails. The following are links to each locations rates for snowshoe rentals; Cape Smokey , Ski Ben Eoin , and North Highlands Nordic .

Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is a fun sport and a great way to get outside and enjoy winter. It is also not as expensive as downhill skiing when renting gear.

Cross country skis are available for rent from the Baddeck Public Library, North Highlands Nordic and Cape Breton Nordic. To rent skis from the library you must have a library card which you can apply for.

North Highlands Nordic

I have visited North Highlands Nordic (NHN) a couple of times, and everyone has been very friendly and helpful. NHN have also instated a Helping Hats program which is a group of volunteers who help those on the trails and can set up a private lesson at your request. This program is free of change and volunteers wear neon hats with an NHN logo.

NHN offer equipment rentals and daily passes at a good rate which can be found here. NHN has a building with 2 washrooms, a rental office and a dining space with hot beverages along with a microwave. There are over 12 kilometers of trails which are groomed which have phenomenal views.

Cape Breton Nordic

Cape Breton Nordic is a club that has several cross country and snowshoeing trails on Seaview golf and Country Club in North Sydney during the winter. They groom 7 kilometers of trails and have access to the golf club facilities during certain hours. They rent skis, snowshoes and pulk sleds. CBU professor John Hudec is the president of this club. For more details on the club, you can visit their Facebook page here.

Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

Alpine or downhill skiing and snowboarding are great ways to enjoy the snow. It is a lighter exercise and is a fun activity to do with friends. However, if you choose to go make sure to wear warm clothing.

Cape Breton has two ski hills, Ski Ben Eoin and Cape Smokey. Both locations have a lodge, cafeteria, great views and the ability to rent gear. It should be noted Cape Smokey is a farther drive from Sydney.

Also, if you are a residence student there is often a ski trip. If you would like to know more about it you can talk to Christina Harrietha.

Cape Smokey

Cape Smokey hosts all sorts of events throughout the year, such as Mad Start Bike Race and a Microbrewery Festival. They will be open during reading week as well.

Ski Ben Eoin

Ski Ben Eoin has a pub called the Broken Buckle. They sometimes have people playing live music at the pub. Additionally, they host ski races.


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