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Which mode of learning do you prefer?

Never did I know that my childhood fantasies of studying in virtual classrooms, would need a pandemic to occur. I expected a drift obviously, but somewhere the pandemic made it a little too faster. However, it somewhere proved to be as a challenge, not a constraint.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the biggest flex was with education going online globally. The changes are necessary as time goes on, but keeping these transitions smooth is more important. Schools and universities have managed to maintain quality education even without physical presence.

Caper Times interacted with several students at CBU to know about their learning experience during the pandemic and their preferences.

Caper Times interacted with Kate who is from Aberdeen, Scotland. She has completed an exchange at CBU in the fall semester of 2021.

She says, in the past semester the classes she took were all in–person, which was entirely different from the first semester. She says that the classes delivered in person helped her to be more focused and provided her with the opportunity to develop her learning experience. In general, she found that the in-person delivery of classes to be much more beneficial. Apart from that, she mentions that online classes had some pros too. Online sessions saved travelling time and increases comfort, the recording facilities by some professors enables students to watch it multiple times and also in cases when classes are missed due to certain reasons. The drawback is that it somewhere increased our activity on devices.

Considering students preferences for modes of learning, Cape Breton University has kept students open to both modes of learning - online and in-person. In order to ensure safety and social distancing, some of the classes take place in Cineplex this semester

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