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Want to know more about the CBU Library?

Caper Times interviews Carla White, Acquisitions and Finance Technician at CBU library to learn more about the library and its services and how they’re able to ensure a balance between the quality of services for students without compromising safety. The CBU is open for students, staff and faculty to utilize 7 days a week.

White encourages all new students to get a bar code on their student ID, which is marked as their enrolment with the CBU library and can be used by them to access all library services.

Library resources that can be accessed after students obtain a barcode include booking a study room, borrowing books, laptops, headphones and access to databases from both on campus and off campus. The small videos on the website are a further guide to guide the students on how to access the resources.

White introduced us to several initiatives taken up by the CBU library to ensure students convenience during the pandemic, one of them is Contactless Curbside Pick-up which will continue during the term. Students can directly choose a book from the library website that will be packaged and ready for pick-up at the Curbside Pick-up location. Students need to show their Student ID/barcode when picking up their item. While there are some students who may be hesitant to come into the library this can be workable alternate

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