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Typing or writing? How taking notes impact your memory

Type or write by hand? How making notes improves your memory?

Typing is way faster and more convenient way to communicate – no question about that. There is no need in deciphering the handwriting and you can send it right away. However, typing something important, like class notes, will only put information on the paper, but not help to memorise it.

Writing activates certain parts of the brain which recalls short- and long-term memory. “The movement associated with the pen and your hand can help you encode and retain information long-term”, that is why if we write - there are more chances to remember that.

Using schemes, different pen colors and little drawings such as circles and arrows stimulates critical thinking and makes the whole process more artful. As you write, it is easier to avoid distractions comparing with when you are typing. However, typing is way faster, it is easier to format and spell check will ensure the grammatical correctness.

So, Capers, it’s up to you whether to bring a laptop or a copybook. In my experience, writing in class by hand and doing other assignments on laptop is the most efficient way to study smart.

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