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Time to make plans for the upcoming reading week

The holidays are the time when time management comes into play. A plan to spend the reading week productively not always becomes true, unfortunately. We have prepared several tips to maintain life/study balance and also brief student travel guides in the following articles for those who want to explore Canada.

- Write down what you want/have to do

Writing by hand is more meaningful for the brain than typing on the laptop because it helps to remember what you wrote down. As you list activities and deadlines – it is easier to see how much work you have to do and which tasks to prioritize. Honestly, I did not believe that there was a difference between writing by hand and just typing in notes. However, about a year ago, I actually started to write what I have to do during the week and the main tasks for the day. That made managing time easier and helped me to stay productive. You can as well plan a day off to refresh your brain and thoughts. But if you decide to go for a spontaneous party, just be sure that you manage to finish your work on time.

- Be honest with yourself

Do not make unrealistic plans to finish everything in one day. Do not spread only one assignment during the whole week. Make a plan that will correspond to your pace. The human brain in general can concentrate on a task for about 45 minutes, so short study breaks will be a great idea.

- Day off is mandatory

Pick at least one day (you can do more depending on the work load) when you do not do any work or study. Dedicate it to a hobby, favorite activity, family, friends or whatever brings you pleasure and joy.

Hopefully, you find these tips helpful. I find that reading week is an awesome time to finish unread chapters, maybe rethink something and just have some free time. Plan it wisely and enjoy!

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