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Things to do in Sydney (yes, you read that right- Sydney)

Plot Twist: Sydney isn’t the slow and sleepy town you thought it was. From hiking trails to locally made cocoa beer, Sydney has it all. Weather you’re a nature lover, adventure seeker or an art enthusiast, we’ve gathered a list of amazing things you can do and places you can visit this holiday season.

Unleash your creativity at Fired Creations, The Pottery Painting Café

Photo Credits – Dipanshu Grover

Photo Credits – Fired Creations

This unique café offers a wide range of pottery which you paint and personalise. Paints and other supplies are available and free to use. And if painting isn’t your piece of cake, then their famous cheesecakes definitely will be (pun intended).

Also, don’t forget to register for their Naughty Listed Potty Mouth Pottery Event on Friday, the 29th of November where you and your buddies can personalise gifts for your ex’s. :p

Where: 582 George Street Sydney

When: from 11AM to 9PM, Tuesday to Sunday

Approximate cost for two: $25

Be High in spirits and High on Spirits at Breton Brewing Co.

Photo Credits –

Visit the Breton Brewing Company’s taproom in Sydney for a cold pint of natural, unfiltered and preservative free beer or lager. They have 8 flagship beers on tap and rotate a number of different seasonal beers throughout the year. For example, over the fall they brewed Maple Lager and Jack’d Up Pumpkin Ale, and this winter they have Cocoa Envy Chocolate Porter, Cranberry Belgian Wit, and will be soon serving their Gingerbread Holiday Ale.

They also have Trivia Night every Thursday from 7PM to 9PM and live music every Friday from 4PM to 10PM!

Where: 364 Keltic Dr, Sydney, NS B1R 1V7

When: 10AM to 8:00 PM from Monday to Wednesday and 10:00 AM to 11:00 Pm Thursday to Saturday

Approximate Cost for two: $30

Go on a Snowshoeing Trek at Petersfield Provincial Park

For those new to Canada, snowshoeing is a form of hiking which allows you walk over the snow by spreading your body’s weight over a larger area, thus preventing your feet from sinking into the snow. This 7km network trail is perfect for new snowshoers who want to go on an adventure hike and enjoy the wildlife.

You can buy snowshoes from Candian Tire, SportCheck or for approximately $80.

When: 1N2, 1126 Westmount Rd, Sydney, NS B1R 1C7

Where: 7AM to 5:00 PM

Approximate Cost for two: Free(ee)

Go on a shopping Spree this Black Friday

Photo Credits –

Black Friday is definitely one of the biggest shopping days in North America. Take advantage of mind-blowing deals almost everywhere, including BestBuy, DavidsTea,, Sportcheck and Walmart.

Start your shopping adventure in the morning to beat the crowd. When you get tired of shopping, sit down- but only to try on new shoes!

When: 29th November

Where: Mayflower Mall, Sydney Shopping Center, People’s Mall or even online

Approximate cost for two: Thank god for credit cards

Be inspired at Cape Breton Centre for Crafts and Design

Photo Credits –

Cape Breton Center for Crafts and Design is a nonprofit and charitable organisation which, through education, training and exhibitions, aims to build a brighter future for the craft sector of Cape Breton.

Catherine Moir’s exhibition titled, ‘A Beautiful Place’ will be on display at the Center’s loft till 24th December, 2019.

When: Monday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Where: 322 Charlotte St, Sydney, NS B1P 1C8

Approximate Cost for two: Free entry

Get an adrenaline rush at Ski Ben Eoin

Photo Credits – Dipanshu Grover

Who says winter is all about staying indoors?  Whether you are new to the sport of skiing or a seasoned amateur, you will definitely enjoy your experience at this skiing/snowboarding facility. You can rent equipment at the location or even join their lessons on Discovering Skiing. Book before 24th December for Pre-Season Membership rates.

When: When Rob Stark’s worst fears come true.

Where: 5101 NS-4, Ben Eoin, NS B1J 1P1

Approximate Cost for Two: See pricing for various programs at

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