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  • Stacey Lee

The next trailblazer in technology is here – and its name is Swoodle 

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Stacey Lee 

In our fast paced world, companies are in constant competition to keep up with a society that wants things better, faster, and simpler. It has become a race to see who can come up with the next great idea that will awe and captivate people around the globe. As our world is made smaller by the constant influx of new technology that connects us in ways never thought possible, it has become imperative that these companies remain cutting edge. As global collaboration becomes the norm, information sharing platforms have multiplied and attempted to stay above the noise. However, as each technology breaks new ground in file sharing, video chatting, and real time collaboration, few have combined these things into one ingenious, time saving step. Enter Swoodle.

Launched this year, Swoodle is the brain child of Display Note Technologies.  An app aimed at making global collaboration and productivity as quick and effective as possible, Swoodle takes technologies such as Google Drive and video chat, and combines them into one simple system. Swoodle enables its users to send files, pictures, hold video conferences, as well as having a messaging system. The idea for this innovative application arose as two of Display Note Technologies’ teams, one based in Belfast, the other in Spain, grew frustrated by how complicated and time consuming it was to communicate using several media platforms. Kris Nixon, a member of the Swoodle team, explains, “We were looking at our problem going, ‘Well we wish someone would solve that. Let’s solve it!’ It was as simple as that.”

However, the game changer that sets Swoodle apart from other media sharing apps is the skilful solution to ensuring real time collaboration. Swoodle allows users to share and edit files as they work together. To clarify, one user could send another a paper they are working on and every time one of them scrolls up or down on their phone, the action is instantaneously replicated on the other user’s phone. As well, any corrections or annotations made on one phone immediately appear on the other. There is no limit to the number of people who can be working on a file together, so an entire committee can correct and edit one file at the same time. There is also a feature that allows users to video chat as they review a file. A video window appears at the bottom of the screen so users can actively discuss any ideas or alterations. With Swoodle, there is no need for the endless back and forth as one person reviews and edits a document, then emails it to be check by another, leaving the first person waiting for a reply. The concept is the same with pictures.

The applications of this are endless; from business ventures to tutoring someone half-way across the world. However, it is university students that Nixon believes will benefit from Swoodle most, “If you’re working on a [group] project for class, you can all stay in the comfort and safety of your own beds and build a project that is fit for your professor.” As well, Nixon goes on to explain different times students have brought their professor into the group edit and had their professor critique it before handing it in. “And it’s free,” he added, “which is a big draw for students.”

An app such as this one will change the way we view collaboration. With its easy real time editing and conferencing option, Swoodle is gaining ground on a technology race that is ever expanding. It allows users to download files from apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox in such a simple, easy way, even the least tech savvy person could have no trouble navigating it. Swoodle brings together the best in information sharing technology and turns it all on its head. This app has a bright future and will likely become the norm in years to come.

Swoodle is available for download on the Apple iTunes store and should be available on Android later this week.

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