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The Martenette: ‘CBU to finalize land-lease agreement with Sydney Speedway’

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Syndey, N.S. Tim Martendale 

Sources inside the President’s Office confirm CBU’s intent to enter into a long-term lease agreement with the owners of Sydney Speedway. Preliminary investigations indicate the tentative agreement is aimed at providing parking for students and staff arriving after 8:35 AM in the morning. Rose Carrigan, speaking on behalf of the Canadian Federation of Students, told Caper Times that “It’s always been a priority of the CFS to ensure our member campuses are literally, figuratively, and hypothetically accessible, and therefore we applaud this move by Cape Breton University to ensure adequate parking only a 20-minute walk away from most classrooms.”


Rumours continue to swirl about the possibility that a similar agreement may be reached with the Cape Breton Drive-In for students arrriving after 9AM, but as of press time the Caper Times have not yet received comment from the President’s Office on that matter.

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