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The Glen Moore Memorial Scholarship

The Glen Moore memorial scholarship and trophy is awarded each year to a CBU student who displays outstanding leadership, concern for others and contributes to the quality of life at Cape Breton University.

The Glen Moore memorial scholarship started after the accidental death of Glen Moore to honor his memory. Glen Moore graduated in 1991 from Cape Breton University as a part-time student in masters of business administration and at Dalhousie University in Masters of Health Administration. Unfortunately, during his first year of study, he met an untimely death in a motor vehicle accident on July 21th. 1994 when he was 24 years old.

Criteria for the award:

During their duration of the study, the recipient must exemplify the university’s motto-

“Perseverance Will Triumph.”

This award is not based on academic excellence, but is is presented to a student every year at the time of convocation for demonstrating leadership and empathy and for adopting a proactive approach in contributing to the development of CBU.

The trophy for this award is on the display in the Learning Commons. The trophy lists some of the recent recipients of this award.

Some recent recipients of this award are:

2020 – Lesley Dewan

2019 – Breagh Gillis

2018 – Jordan Gracie

2017 – Taylor Burton

2016 – Sessyly Scheller

Lesley Dewan, the most recent recipient of this award firmly believes that this award not only inspired her to pursue her path of success but also helped her gain confidence.

“I felt honored and humbled when President Dingwall phoned me to say I had won the award. It has allowed me to peruse the CPA path, that I otherwise wouldn’t have able to do.”

- Lesley Dewan.

Every year CBU recognizes the students with outstanding qualities by honoring them with these awards. Awards not only honor's the deeds but also motivates the person to carry on the inspiring work they are doing.

Along with this award, CBU has many other awards presenting to the graduating students and the alumni which can be found here.

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