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The Father Paul Abbass Award

Father Paul Abbass is a priest from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. He was ordained in 1979. Till 2012, he was serving as the Executive Director of Talbot House – an addictions treatment center in Nova Scotia.

He was also a former CBU Chaplain. The students loved him, and he had a great relationship with the Students’ Union. When he departed from CBU, in order to honor him, the Students’ Union decided to create an award to recognize a person each year who worked closely with the Students’ Union Executive. The recipients need to have heavily contributed to the betterment of the student life. The recipient needn't be a university member. It’s a very diverse award wherein if you have good intentions at heart for CBU’s future, you’re eligible.

In winter each year, the Executive Board meets to nominate and discuss the potential awardees. It’s a small gathering usually in the Dingwall Boardroom or Pit, and CBU members as well as friends of the recipient are invited to join.

The Father Paul Abbass award was established in March 1994, and some of the awardees are –

2020: Donalda Johnston-Roper

2019: Scott Thomas

2018: Jennifer Billard

2017: Deeno Tuggar

2016: Nick Head-Peterson

Here's Dr. David Johnson, the 2015 recipient of the Father Paul Abbass Award -

“I was so honored to receive this award. I love being a professor and I love all that the position entails - research, writing, publishing, university administrative work, community service, but most especially I love teaching and working with students. Students are central to everything we do here, and I felt humbled to receive this award from students.” - Dr. David Johnson

CBU’s efforts in recognizing the stars making CBU what it is, is very commendable and heartwarming.

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