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The CBUSU Foodbank- Destress Kits

Food is the basic necessity of life. Cape Breton University ensures that the student’s basic needs are met. The CBUSU foodbank is a non-profit organization that acquires and distributes food to the Cape Breton University students and their families, who are struggling with food insecurity.

To know more about it Caper Times interviewed Lily Walters, the CBUSU food bank co-ordinator, to know more about the events and facilities provided by the CBUSU foodbank for the students at Cape Breton University.

Walters said that we at the foodbank, encourage any CBU student who is facing food insecurity to reach out to us through email at or fill out the food bank assistance form. The food bank provides packages that contain some essential food items as per the needs.

The foodbank provided packages at Cineplex on Tuesdays, in the past few weeks. Walters explains that the main objective of the food packages at Cineplex was to ensure that we reach out to every CBU student. Some students had classes only at Cineplex and it may get difficult for them to commute to the CBU campus, for the foodbank. Therefore, we decided to reduce the inconvenience and ensure that we make our services accessible to all.

She says: "We found a remarkable engagement of students at Cineplex, each time we get there, there was an increase in interest of students. We were out with an objective to help as many students as we can. The interest of the students made us extremely happy that we are increasing our outreach to students".

She announces the De-Stress Kits, which will contain various items and food to help students relax before exams. Stop by the Wendy Wadden Boardroom, between 12 -2 pm on April 11, Monday to grab your packages.

When asked about the further plans, Walters says that they also plan to continue food packages at the Cineplex location to ensure that all students who’re facing food insecurity, can conveniently access the foodbank.

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