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The Ballot Has Been Cast: SRC Election Results, Fall 2020

Even though University life is just a tad bit different this semester, the Student Representative Council (SRC) elections which were conducted last week were a reminder to all us CBU students that even in this new-normal, the democratic spirit of the student body is strong as ever.

Here's a quick re-cap of what the SRC is and its role in the CBU Students Union (from : The SRC is a body of students which oversee all aspects of the Students Union. The SRC gives input, holds the Executive team accountable and provide a better representation of the entire student population. The SRC exists to provide fair, democratic representation for all students. Students elect council members during a general election and/or a by-election, and are composed of the following 22 representatives.

Now that we're on the same page and done with our quick pol science lecture, lets come back to last weeks elections. Student voting took place online rather than in the Multicultural hub this semester. If you missed all the virtual election rallies and didn't get a chance to have a chat with the SRC reps, we've got you covered.

Caper Times reached out to the three winning candidates to get their take on their tenure as student body representatives.

Pictured: Emma Drohan- winning candidate: School of Education and Health

When asked why she chose to stand as a candidate for the SRC elections this year, Emma told Caper Times that being involved with the Cape Breton University Students’ Union as the Vice- President Marketing and Communications and serving as a student representative on Senate and Board of Governors for the university, she wanted to continue her work advocating for students.

When asked about the changes she would hope to bring about this year as an elected representative Emma told Caper Times that she looks forward to talking with her fellow students in the school of education and health to see what common goals they have for this year and the future and working with the SRC to try to reach them.

Pictured: Sakshi Upadhyay- Winning candidate from the School of Arts and Social Sciences

Here's a message from Sakshi:

"I am Sakshi Upadhyay and I am studying public administration and management  and I am in my second semester. I chosen to be candidate for SRC of Arts and Social Science School this year since of two reasons, the primary one is I cherish encountering and learning new things and I like to require leadership. The second reason for what I am standing as a candidate for the SRC is to assist students. I have been doing this from few a long time and I truly like supporting others in any of their circumstance till whatever extent I can.

As right now we all are confronting a few or the other issues due to covid-19 I truly like to do something for individuals but as I can't do much things as a student. I fair needed to assist students a bit by making a difference and supporting them in their considers or any college related issue. I will attempt my best through the position and it's duties. On the off chance that I say from a student's point of see than I can exceptionally well get it how numerous challenges are confronted since of virtual classes and so numerous assignment's due dates together"

Pictured: Arshdeep Singh- winning candidate SRC: Varsity Athlete

When asked about his views on the challenges which come with online classes, Arsheep says "The biggest challenge is covid and suspension. I am planning to create a social media platform for athletics queries and community of CBU where all can join and experience there program , workout and knowledge. I feel like doing something for society athletic is something my passion so if I am represents that in CBU and help other that will be best way to do that though there not many chances for athletic participation other then some athletic games still i am cover all what I can and will try to help virtually  the students trying to stay athletic and achieve the fitness goal and related problems"

Now that you're acquainted, you can reach out to your respective SRC representatives or CBUSU executives regarding any relevant concern you may have.

Special thanks to Harpreet Singh, Chief Returning Officer, CBUSU.

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