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Supporting education companies with Ukrainian roots

“In education circles, discussions regarding the invasion of Ukraine have centered mostly on the discussion - how events should or should not be taught and how students may experience what they are seeing and hearing every day”, Derek Newton.

It became a challenge for all students in Ukraine to continue approaching their studies. Despite the war, universities did not close and people are studying online. I have a lot of friends who had to leave the country and many of them stayed. But in any case, it is hard to attend lectures and submit assignments on time.

As a CBU student, I want to inform CBU academic community about educational services with Ukrainian roots. By using them, you are supporting the business, which is going through hard times right now.

1. Grammarly

Yes, it was invented by three Ukrainians: Dmytro Lider, Alex Shevchenko, and Max Lytvyn. The service launched in 2009 and since then grew to almost 20 million users. The company’s revenue is $59.2M per year and it has more than 400 employers. “Market value of Grammarly is $13 billion” as of March 28, 2022.


“It is an online language tutoring service offering thousands of live, online tutors in a wide, wide range of languages. From English to Urdu, they have it”. It was founded in 2012 also by three Ukrainians: Kirill Bigai, Dmytro Voloshyn, and Sergiy Lukyanov.

“Preply has 300 employees of 35 different nationalities. As of 2021, Preply connects over 140,000 tutors teaching 50 languages in 203 countries worldwide”. And this variety of languages, of course, includes Ukrainian. Moreover, the company maintains staff in Ukraine and has “Ukraine-specific communication and contribution features on its website”.

3. GoIT

It is also a learning platform for coding and programming. “It has a high level of gamification, offering points, badges, leaderboards and uniquely has “duels” in which students can compete in programming tournaments”. The company is planning to expand to North America, specifically into the United States and Latin America.

4. ClassTag

“ClassTag is a classroom community app that connects teachers with parents and other education stakeholders. The free app is a classroom super-aide, streamlining communication, scheduling and project tasking and tracking”. The app was founded by Vlada Lotkina. That is what her mission statement sounds like: “ClassTag connects teachers and families with one easy-to-use app for all their communication needs. And - it’s free! We are on a mission to help teachers and parents make It happen”.

By implementing these services into your studies, you are contributing to Ukrainian business development and helping technology to improve.


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