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  • Dariia Pasko

Study smart, not more

I used to think that the more time you study, the higher grade you will get. However, it is not like that. Here are some tips that I use and that make the study process more efficient and effective.

Learn the same information in a variety of ways

Your brain will build associations and it makes it easier to remember information. Repetition was proven to be the worst method for this. Instead combine reading a book, watching videos, going through notes and doing exercises.

Reviewing the information periodically, instead of cramming before the exam, will make studying less stressful time because you do not have to memorize lots of information at once. Do not harass your mind and let it absorb the knowledge steadily. Even if you start studying a week before the test – the chances to understand and remember the material are much higher.

Don’t multitask

It is hard to concentrate on several things at the same time especially if they require full attention.

Simplify, summarize, and compress the information

It is like using several sources to learn. The more you go through the information and put it into a different format – the more your brain gets comfortable with it

Take notes by hand, instead of using your laptop

One of the recent articles was about the advantages of writing by hand. In a nutshell, writing makes you think about what you are doing. Typing does not create such a relation between the brain and the information you type. To read more click here.

Test yourself frequently

It will reveal what you are good at and where you have to improve

Take regular study breaks

We can concentrate on one thing for about 45 minutes. Then our brain starts looking for a distraction. Making regular breaks will help to do the tasks more effectively.

These tips sound like common sense. Who will be learning 5 subjects at once the night before the exam? Unfortunately, we still do that. I hope these 6 short tips will help you during the coming exams at the end of the term!

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