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  • Ashin Wilfy

Students raise concerns over the mandatory purchase of third-party software.

More than 290 students have voted that professors mandating additional software purchases have negatively impacted them in an unofficial survey hosted by former Students’ Union President Gunny Brar on CB international community, a Facebook group. Mr. Brar, an admin of the group, held the poll after coming across a post by Dhruv Handa, a current student, enquiring about the logic behind such purchases. Students, mostly those pursuing Post Baccalaureate Diploma programs, claimed that their professors have made it compulsory for them to purchase software like Connect+ and Top Hat, to submit assignments and conduct online tests. This software costs approximately $80-100, excluding taxes, which students find overwhelming, owing to the financial stress caused by the inflation and shortage of employment opportunities in the municipality.

Students have also used the platform to enquire why such mandatory purchases are enforced when the University has Moodle, which is more than enough to conduct quizzes and accept submissions. CBU Students’ Union executives promised to voice the concerns of students in the senate meeting scheduled for 20th January and asked the affected to assemble in the cafeteria prior to the meeting.

Later, Damanpreet Singh, the Students’ Union president updated on Facebook that the issue was presented in the Senate, and the TLEC (Teaching Learning and Evaluation Committee) will be looking into the matter. He further stated that the committee will ensure that the students will be informed about the costs of each course prior to the start of the semester, and no one will have to face academic penalties due to their inability to afford instructor-required ancillary fees or course materials.


Facebook: CB International Community- Posts by Gunny Brar and Damanpreet Singh :

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