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  • Dipanshu Grover, Hridya Chaudhary

Student Elections: Politics starts Right Here, Right Now.

What is Politics ?

” The art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a governance of an organisation”( Source –

You don’t have to be in your early 40’s to stand up for what you believe in. ”Be the change you want to see”, some words rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi.

Student’s Union, an organisation, plays a diplomatic role to represent the interests of students at various levels of governance.

It is not a popularity contest, rather an opportunity for you to be responsible. Student leaders advocate their role in local, provincial as well as federal governance in fulfilling demands of the student body. They act as a middle man from yours to theirs.

Amongst the elected candidates, are the President and the Vice- President of the Student’s Union. Also, for the council, the student body elects a Board of Directors (SRC – Student Representative Council) from the following domains:

  1. Arts & Social Sciences – 2 seats

  2. Shannon School of Business – 2 seats

  3. School of Professional Studies – 2 seats

  4. School of Science & Technology – 2 seats

  5. International Student Representatives – 2 seats

  6. Indigenous Student Seat – 1 seat

  7. Senior Seat – 1 seat

  8. Off-Campus Representative – 1 seat

  9. Residence Representative – 1 seat

  10. Varsity Athlete – 1 seat

The Student’s Union Council provides a space for healthy discussion on various agendas and gives a direction to the student leaders to work on.

Who can file their Candidacy ?

Any student who is a member of the CBU Student’s Union as outlined in By-Law 1.01 and registered CBU Student.

Changing Trends!

With the dawn of increasingly toxic political environment throughout the world, youth awareness has seen a spike since last few years. The youth at Cape Breton University are no less, since they have been showing up in huge numbers to cast their vote and make waves in student politics.

In contrast to last year, the President and the Vice-President would be filing their nomination in pairs. This gives an opportunity for like-minded individuals to bring their forces together at the council’s desk.

So, gear up, this is time to rush up to the Student’s Union desk and grab your nomination forms. The deadline for nomination is Tuesday, January 28th. 2020.

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