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There are several privileges that the students are able to take advantage of. A CB university ID card has a lot to offer, other than the obvious. Being a student not only ensures that you receive University class education, but also entitles you to several other benefits.

That's right! As a student of CBU, we are able to receive several discounts. Our team has compiled and listed below the several discounts and offers students are able to receive and take advantage of. Check out the list to save more and make the most of your time here:

Breathing space Yoga studio - $69CAD per month unlimited

Located in Sydney on the port access road, breathing space Yoga studio has several types of yoga classes including an introduction course, spin sessions, slow flow, hot yoga, etc. The location is active all day through the week and provides several session options with certified instructors for everyone from beginners to experts.

CBRM Transit - $60CAD per month

Transport can be a challenge for everyone in Sydney. At the front desk of the CBU students’ union office, students can purchase a transit pass for CBRM for $60 a month. The transit pass extends to all public transport that is available within the region of Cape Breton and can be extremely beneficial for students.

CB Flavor - 15% off every day

Located in downtown Sydney with over 20 years of experience, flavors’ experience will exceed expectations.

Flavor has established itself as the premiere catering company on the East Coast of Canada.

Flavor has established itself as the premiere catering company on the East Coast of Canada. They specialize in providing gourmet cuisine, at a fair price and with exceptional service.

Being a student of CBU entitles you to an additional 15% discount. Flavor has a vast amount of options to choose from. If you are a foodie, then this is the perfect discount for you.

Charlene’s nutrition centre and health food Ltd. - 15% off every Wednesday

Located on Kings road, Sydney, Charlene’s Nutrition Centre strives to be your trusted neighborhood nutrition source, offering you guidance on all your natural health product needs.

Their product range varies from vitamins/oils to quality groceries. Most if not all of their products are based on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, they also have plant-based supplements for vegan customers.

Little Chef: The Indian Eatery - 10% off every day

Little chef is an Indian restaurant located on Kings Road, Sydney. The restaurant is highly rated among the community and is sure to leave you wanting more. If you are looking for some Indian treat then this is the place to visit. With 10% discount on a daily basis, it is a reasonable option for students to choose from.

Mian’s Restaurant - 10% off every day

Mian’s is a restaurant on Sydney’s own George street, serving Indian and Pakistani Cuisine.

Their prime location makes them an ideal choice for students in the downtown area.

Ski Ben Eoin - Group of 10 discount for students

Ski Ben Eoin is located in Ben Eoin. The discount here is available on groups above 10 for students.

Nevertheless, it is worth the experience and is one of the most thrilling sports. The location is also surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Skiing is a wonderful way to spend your day and enjoy it with your friends.

Soulvaria VR - $5 off with valid students’ ID

Technology never ceases to be amazing. Soulvaria VR is located in the heart of Sydney, downtown.

Offering a wide range of choices like VR arcade, escape rooms, board games and much more, it is an experience that will leave you in awe. It is a must try and a lot of fun with friends. They also host events and activities to take part in.

Swaagat - the real taste of India - 10% off every day

Swaagat is located on Prince street, Sydney, and specializes in Indian cuisine.

The restaurant is well known in the community and also provides several meal options on a long-term basis that benefit many students.

You can walk in for a taste and choose a plan that suits you if that is something you are interested in.

Now that we have covered the local offerings, let's look at some National/Provincial deals.

Grocery & Essentials - Atlantic superstore, Sobeys, Lawtons, Bulk Barn

As a student, we all know the magnitude of these expenses. It starts with a mini shopping list but by the end of billing, we have a full cart of goods with a frightening bill. Well, there are several options that you can use in order to minimize the expense and save on the essentials.

Atlantic superstore - 10% off on Tuesdays

Sobeys - 10% off on Tuesdays

Lawtons - 10% off on Mondays

Bulk Barn - 15% off on Wednesdays

Electronics - Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft

Companies mentioned above, i.e. Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo & Microsoft, offer special discounts for student purchases. The best option would be to visit the website and check the latest deals available for students before making a purchase.

Subscriptions - Adobe, Amazon prime, Apple music, Coursera, Spotify

Subscriptions have become very functional and add value to life today. Several discounts are available for subscriptions to support students. Student discounts are prominent on Adobe Cloud, Amazon Prime, Apple Music, Coursera and Spotify. Be sure to make use of your student discount.

Purchases - SPC: Student price card

Check out SPC website to find products such as fast food, apparel & even electronics on a discounted price for students. They have a wide range of products for students that are very attractive and with considerable discounts.

Well, there you have it. A list of discounted benefits that you can get as a student at CBU. Be sure to make the most of your student privileges.

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