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Spring is here: Hey adventure lovers!

Finally, life looks colorful again! The faded colors that were replaced by all-white, seem to come alive. The onset of April marks the spring season in Nova Scotia. It technically starts from March 21st and lasts till June 21st. The tourist-centric province is often still very much “offseason”, but technically, it’s the shoulder season. The temperatures flip-flop from being well to of course being wet and muddy at times. But this weather can be unpredictable and it’s our mission to give you reasons to love them all.

Being extraordinary doesn’t mean doing extraordinary things. It just means doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. There are heaps of things to do in Nova Scotia during this time. Seasonal businesses opens, the festival season begins, arts and entertainment ramp up, and most prominently, outdoor activities are ready to be re-explored. Here are some of the adventure activities to look forward to, this spring season.

Go for a hike: When the snow finally melts, hiking trails in Nova Scotia look crowded. You can even look for a trail in your backyard and make it a great option to spend your surprisingly sunny Saturday evenings with friends.

Scotia Festival of Music: A two-week-long festival, starting at the end of May. There are magnificent performers, shows and other performances. The list can be found here, at the beginning of April.

Visit beaches: Are you a nature lover? Then, the beautiful beaches are calling, this spring season. Although it’s not the swimming season quite yet, that does not mean you should avoid beaches. Spring is one of the most enjoyable times for beachcombing, after the winter waves wash out the interesting things offshore.

Check out the bird sanctuaries: Watch out for snowbirds returning in spring. Watch out for your favorite bird and spot them building a home for the spring and summer. Do you know about the Bird Sanctuaries in Nova Scotia? One is the Amherst Point Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Within 25km from the place, there is a picnic area on the hill overlooking the mountains till the end.

Go puddle jumping: Nova Scotia has some epic potholes, that make up the best puddles to jump in. So, explore your inner child. Get hold of some rubber boots and splash around in many puddles that are abundant during the season.

These suggestions are just the tip of an iceberg, my friends! Most parts of the province host festivals, events, or something unique for everyone. Explore the events in your area - your next adventure might just be a quick Google search away. So, no matter what the weather is, don’t forget to enjoy every moment!


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