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  • Hridya Chaudhary

Should you vote? Yes.

Compulsory voting vs. individual liberty: Unless you live in a bubble, you know that free will does not exist. If we do literally live in a bubble, free will still does not exist. In a case like this, do you think it should be mandatory to cast your vote? Be it university voting, be it speaking your mind in class, or be it considering voting for the well of your community.

Everything is an illusion. However, we can’t all be nihilists and forget why we exist, even though we haven’t quite figured out why we do. If nothing’s free will anyway, might as well do what “they” want you to do and get a kick out of it. You know, like in a punk coming-of-way way. We’re all a part of a revolution and “Reclaim your will” is our mantra.

Elections have existed since the 17th century. Even in the history of ancient Greece and ancient Rome and throughout the medieval period. To vote is to voice, a voice to be the change, or take the responsibility to bring a change. Everyone has the right to live in a society that is hopeful and joyful. Voting brings consequences, doesn't matter positive or negative, but always, hopeful. This privilege as a citizen or as a student should be used for various reasons:

1. Making a Difference

Help to make a difference to bring new norms and new opportunities. It has a positive impact on the student body / the community / state / nation.

2. To Vote is to Choose

Your power is in your hands, and it's your vote. People all over the world recognize this and voice their likes and dislikes. Voting is the right to exert this power, to exhibit the rights and wrongs.

3. Voting is your Right

Everyday ample decisions are made by your brain, such as whether to get an Iced Capp or Hot Chocolate at Tim's. One day, get up and decide to exercise your right and choose to tell everyone that you're a living breathing human being. Every day, even the government, the student presidential body gets up and makes decisions that directly affect your education, your healthcare, your employment, etc. We have a right to contribute to the decisions made on your behalf and strive for your desired changes.

Here’s a few Dos and Don’ts voting:

✔ Do make an informed decision on who you’re voting for.

✔ Do your research.

✔ Be vocal about what you believe in.

✔ Volunteer for your candidate when you can.

A couple of Don’ts:

✗ Don’t act on an impulse.

✗ Don’t be a bystander.

✗ Don't get influenced.

The CBUSU election is right around the corner. Stay tuned for our article on candidate profiles. Get out (or stay in) and vote!

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