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Shania Boucher's Mural now in the Students' Union Building

Have you ever seen this mural hanging around at Cape Breton University?

Well, good news. This mural by Shania Boucher first resided in the Engagement Center, Campus Center. Now that Caper Convenience is being relocated to the old Engagement Centre, Boucher’s Mural was saved by cutting out an entire wall and placing it in the Students’ Union Building.

Shania Boucher was a Business (accounting and law) student at CBU, from years 2014-2018. After graduating from CBU, she pursued her CPA designation! She’s currently working as a controller in Sydney. Here’s here insight on how the beautiful mural came into being and what transpired behind the curtains:

Boucher says that “the mural stated as a way to mural started as a way to brighten up the room known at that time as the Community Engagement Centre, in the Campus Centre. A staff member, Jennifer Billard, who was in charge of hosting events in that space and encouraging students to utilize the room as a place to hang out, knew that she enjoyed painting and suggested the mural as a focal point in the room. The mural ended up taking almost the entire year to complete from drawing the initial sketch in June 2017, to finishing the final details in early April 2018, just before her graduation.”

A fun fact about Boucher - She started drawing and painting as a young kid while sitting in hockey arenas while her brother was on the ice. It turns out her family's way of keeping her quiet and entertained became a lifelong hobby and passion!

Some titbits from Boucher and CT’s interview:

CT: Did you have an inspiration for the mural? In terms of art styles?

Boucher: I’ve always loved to paint in this style, and with acrylic paint, so it was exciting to be able to take this style of painting to a much bigger scale!

CT: Is art important to you? How often do you make things?

Boucher: Absolutely, I have always drawn and painted for as long as I can remember, and still to this day, I draw and paint both by hand and digitally, and have started creating posters and stickers for my Etsy page.

(Boucher’s Etsy page, if you’re interested, is

CT: Is there something you’d like to say to our CBU students?

Get involved! During my time at CBU, I was a part of several societies, worked for the Union and the University in several positions, volunteered for House Council, sat on CBU’s senate, planned campus events, and attended every event I could. This led to so many lifelong friends and an amazing professional network of professors and staff members that has provided me with amazing references for various job opportunities since I graduated. It may seem insignificant to go to a networking coffeehouse or a basketball game, but these things add up to become such a memorable time in your life.

CT: Any advice, tips, and/or comments to the Students’ Union?

I gained so many opportunities by being involved with the Union- take advantage! Being an active employee and volunteer with the Students Union gave me the opportunity to attend conferences and events I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. It’s such a great way to expose yourself to new experiences.

To the Union as a whole, you have such a great opportunity to have your voice heard! You have seat at the table with members of administration and government who you may otherwise not have the opportunity to interact with, make sure you use that to the best extent possible. It’s such an opportunity but also a huge responsibility, and you can make a real impact on students.

CT: You were also the Society Co-ordinator here, do you think CBU has progressed or digressed in that area?

Yes! I was the (at the time titled) Student Affairs Coordinator for the Students Union. I love to see the growth within the union, and the new societies that have evolved over the years. It’s great to see students engaging and getting involved.

Not unlike us, Shania was concerned about the CBU building renovations, “when I heard about the changes being made to the buildings at CBU, I will admit that I was nervous about the fate of “my wall”, but I was so excited to hear that it was going to find a new home with the Union. I’m so grateful to the facilities staff and the Students Union staff who advocated to move the mural (which I can only assume was a huge undertaking) and preserve it! It’s an honor to think that those at the university valued it, and thought it was worth preserving!”

That has been the time with us and Shania. Look at these initial sketch progression of the mural, and revel in the marvel.

Goodbye and see you soon!

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