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  • Dariia Pasko

Seven facts about airlines you didn’t know

I am Ukrainian and moved to Sydney only in September 2021. My whole family is still there, so I fly across Canada and the Atlantic several times a year. The flight home from Sydney to Kiev takes from 13 to 15 hours depending on which way you go. As I spend a lot of time in the air, I decided to learn more about airlines’ operations. Here are seven interesting facts you probably you didn’t know.

#1 Dim lights in the plane help your eyes to adapt

There are two main reasons for dull light in the aircraft. One is that it saves energy and the other is that it's easier for the eyes to adapt for external light conditions. Moreover, that means that in case of evacuation, passengers can adjust faster and leave the plane.

#2 Captain can detain passengers

As soon as the plane takes off, the captain gets additional power. They can detain passengers during the flight, as well as issue a fine.

#3 Why planes are usually white

White paint is the lightest and saves fuel. It also reflects sunlight and prevents overheat. Scratches are more visible as well.

#4 Why it’s a little cold in the plane

Closed warm space increases the risk of hypoxia – lack of oxygen, so the temperature is kept a bit lower.

#5 Table is the dirtiest place

Yes, it’s eight times dirtier than the washroom.

#6 We lose a lot of water

During a three-hour flight, a passenger loses approximately 8-10 glasses of water, so it’s important to stay hydrated.

#7 Only 7%

Only 7% of the world’s population have travelled by air at least once.

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