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  • Dipanshu Grover, Hridya Chaudhary

Resource Guidebook: Know CBU

Just when the new year began at CBU, students started the winter semester by bringing a whole lot of snow into Cape Breton. This inevitably led to the closure of CBU campus, giving them more time to devour their hot chocolates and cosy blankets.

CBU has an Inclement weather policy which informs about campus closure due to bad weather conditions, power outages or other unforeseen circumstances. Every enrolled student gets CBU email alerts and alerts on social media platforms as well.

Now, that you’re finally here, here’s a list of things you can always look forward to help you guide and glide your time in CBU.

CBU Library

Just because your education is a priority, you can always pop into the library to browse through stacks of books, borrow a laptop or get a study room to work on your presentations.

Writing , Maths and Science Centre

Feeling confused on how to proceed with your class assignments? Not to worry !!

Book an appointment with writing centre or you can always talk to your professors.


Enhance your experience at University. Get your body moving by participating in various sports activities like soccer, basketball, yoga, volleyball etc. Make sure you make the best use of free on-campus gym facilities for all students.

Get involved!

Enrich your experience, gain some skills and make new friends by getting involved in 25 societies, ranging from Environmental Society to Language Society.

Need more information or want to form a new society? Get in touch with Campus Affair Co-ordinator at CBU Student`s Union for the same.

CBU Boardmore Theatre

Missing Netflix already? Try live shows at Boardmore theatre. This year`s line up includes Lauchie, Liza & Rory, The Neverending Story and Maritime Way of Life. There are also festivals all year around.

P.S. You can checkout Highland Arts Theatre and Savoy Theatre as well.

Health Services

Feeling overwhelmed with everything on your plate? Knock the door and get a personal counselling session regarding mental health. Contact – Angela Mackinnon @ for the same.

Sniffing your nose too much? Visit Max Bell Health Centre near the CBU bus stop for any concerns.

CBU Student’s Union

Reach out to CBU Student’s Union for services like Women`s Centre, Pride and Ally Centre, Multi- Cultural Hub, Caper Times, Food Bank Services or any information pertaining to your Health Plan.

You can always look forward to get in touch with your Student Leaders for any kind of concerns in and around campus.

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