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  • Shivam Sadana

No Re-Entry Policy Scares Off Some Boo Bash Attendees

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Sydney, N.S.

Shivam Sadana

[Editor’s note: This story previously reported that there were no new drinks on offer the night of the Boo Bash, information which has since been shown to be unreliable. We apologize to those planning the event for this mistake.]

With Halloween on a Wednesday this year, many customary *adult* celebrations happened this weekend past, with CBU no exception; the campus community celebrated in its typical style with a party at the Pit. Unlike Orange Out, this was a 19+ only event, and similar to previous events, cover cost you an even $10. With the increase in enrolment from previous years, this year’s Halloween celebration was expected to see a parallel increase in attendance – however this was not the case, with approximately one hundred people in attendance throughout the night.

boo bash 1

Typical of past events at the Pit, most of the attendees arrived later in the night; the crowd was sparse until at least 11:30. While the Pit’s no re-entry policy was advertised over social media and on the event poster, some people arriving at the bash were unaware of the new rules – some of whom left and did not return.

When I spoke with Vice President of Promotions, Emily MacLennan, she explained that “[The] Pit is a part of the campus and the campus is on the move to be smoke-free. To ensure the safety of the students during the event we have decided to try a no re-entry policy. We hope that students will enjoy the event and stay inside with their friends.”

Whether or not the policy is in keeping with CBU’s new Smoke-Free Campus initiative, it was an understandable turn-off to those who smoke, or who like to smoke when drinking. When students attending the event were asked what their impression was, the most common sentiment was that while they enjoyed the event, it could have been better; the no re-entry was the most common complaint.

boo bash 2

Best costume winner –  a head above the rest.

Music was provided by local DJ Tyler Galbraith, and a cash prize awarded to whoever was judged to have the best costume. A total of seven security guards were on hand to make sure things ran smoothly. Overall it wasn’t the showing it seems event organizers were hoping for, but those who attended were able to have a good time nevertheless.

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