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  • Hridya Chaudhary

New Year, New Resolutions: 9 Ways You Can Start Your Year Right

You should make your New Year’s resolution to break them. Confused? That’s exactly right. When life gives you lemons, you get a lemon crusher and crush them. The leftover citrus (that ironically obviously lands in your eye) is your fuel, your spite to work on things you never thought you’d work on.

For some inspiration, here’s a list of do-able and non-doable (to give you hope to get through the rest of the year) resolutions:

1. Be selfish. Be there for others but do not ever forget to put yourself first. Taking care of yourself is not a sin. If you’re there for yourself, who else will?

2. Take care of your body. For an ideal life, your body, mind, heart, and soul need to be in perfect alignment. Every second moved forward is every second towards perfect alignment.

3. Watch fewer TV shows. When the screen time usage pops up on your phone and tells you that you spent 6h 20min. watching mindless shows on Netflix, hurts, doesn’t it?

4. Be kind. Make checklists – give at least one compliment every day, make one person smile, help someone out in a stitch, etc.

5. Try being sustainable. Support local. Shop thrift. Your Mother Earth will thank you.

6. Be a plant mom. There’s nothing fulfilling enough than to see something grow right in front of your eyes. A good companion. Or get a pet if you can handle the responsibility.

7. Make a bucket list. I know I know, we aren’t living in 2007 but a bucket list is a good way to live your life and combat the feeling that you’re not living your life enough. Unfortunately, FOMO is real.

8. Pick up fun hobbies. Stray away a little from the work-school schedule and enjoy everything that you’re interested in.

9. But if you feel like not-doing any of the above-mentioned things, don’t do it. Don’t tell anyone to tell you what to do. Life is too short for that.

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