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Mystery behind the myth

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Since the origin of life on earth, the unfolding mysteries of the universe have shocked mankind. Curiosity about how life emerged and what happens after death has fascinated researchers over a long span of time. Since childhood, some of us have been told that our departed loved ones become stars and are watching us from above earth.

Most of us might have wondered, is it really true? If not stars, what exactly happens after death and what is the reason behind these myths?

“Death”, commonly this word makes most people nervous, particularly known as

Thantophobia, while Nucrophobia refers to the fear of the dead or things related to the dead people.

The cosmic theory claims our consciousness belongs to the universe, rather than our individual bodies. Human being a cluster of emotions and feelings, is loved for what they're within. Love is a language of souls and death doesn’t alter it. When our loved ones die, we take solace by assuming them to be turned into a star looking upon us from the sky. While in reality, we never become stars after death, instead they become us.

Elements like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen etc. never really existed initially, instead evolved due to nuclear reactions, precisely nuclear fusions. When a star runs out of hydrogen gas, it dies. The way it dies depends upon its mass. While some stars fade away silently, some of them (with a mass equivalent to sun) expand to become a red giant and when there’s no hydrogen left to burn up, it transforms itself to a red super giant and explodes tremendously, the explosion is referred to as “Supernova”.

Stars going through “Supernova” create most of the elements a human body is made of (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen etc.). Therefore, it’s generally said that we’re all a “stardust” because we actually are!



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