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Meet Your Candidates: Ridham

SRC 23- Off-campus Student Representative


My name is Ridham , currently I m a second semester student at Cape Breton University , Sydney ,Nova Scotia from Business Analytics.

Back in india I have done bachelor's in economics from kurukshetra university, kurukshetra. Apart from that , i have worked as a volunteer in an NGO by teaching unprivileged students on the weekends and by organising awareness campaigns specially on social topics which students face due to unawareness such as human trafficking , child abusing, eveteasing and many more by the medium of plays.

Here being a student at CBU i got the opportunity to address the issues and concerns of the students by getting Nominated for off campus student representative.

There are many problems which i have faced being a student when i arrived here and the issues which the other students i am sure are facing or have faced too. By being the voice of hundred of students i can bring some changes by talking to the faculty and the Management directly by addressing their concerns.

Here are Some of my agendas, which i would like to discuss and resolve the problems related to Transit and mental health of the students and many more .

I hope you will give me a chance for raising my voice for the change .

DISCLAIMER: Caper Times is not responsible for the information provided on this page as the candidates themselves have provided the data. Caper Times is obliged by the Election Act to publish the same and the accuracy of the data is the responsibility of the candidates.

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