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Meet Your Candidates: Ishaan Pandey

SRC 23- Varsity

Greetings everyone, My name is Ishaan Pandey, I am a Varsity Athlete at CBU and am currently pursuing the Public Administration and Management Diploma course at CBU. I am 20 years old and belong to the capital city of India, Delhi. I am running for a seat in the SRC from the Varsity Athlete's Group. I have always been a big sports enthusiast, Me and my team won the state championship for soccer in my senior year, and I was awarded the district goalkeeper trophy. Apart from soccer, I have also appeared in the Delhi Times Newspaper for Track and Field when my club won the 4×100m relay and I was Awarded the Athlete of the year Trophy. The reason I specifically chose the Varsity Athlete's seat is because I believe the Student Athlete's and CBU students in general deserve a voice on the judicial board and the fair representation that they deserve. I believe Varsity Athletes are the most hardworking students on Campus. We as Student Athlete's maintain a balance between academics and competitions. Throughout the week, whenever we find time in between classes, we show up for team practices or strength and Conditioning sessions. To be deemed eligible for participating in tournaments, we maintain a cumulative percentage of 80%.

With that being said, we take extreme pride in representing CBU internationally and it is always our intent to make sure the Capers rise to the top. To conclude, I will try everything in my power to do justice to this prestige position and it will be my honour to cater to the requirements and demands of fellow CBU students.

DISCLAIMER: Caper Times is not responsible for the information provided on this page as the candidates themselves have provided the data. Caper Times is obliged by the Election Act to publish the same and the accuracy of the data is the responsibility of the candidates.

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