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Meet Your Candidates- Chika Iwuji

SRC 2023 - International Student Representative

Hi Capers! I am Chika Iwuji, form Nigeria and I hold my bachelor’s degree in law. Currently I am with the Shannon School of Business (Business Management) so I can acquire knowledge on how to build a business to become a successful brand. My past experience has availed me the ample opportunity to understand, learn, serve, advocate, manage and resolve issues. I care about what the Union Representative can and should do for this University and students that is why I am running for the post of International Student Representative. I am a humble, congenial and approachable person with the determination, zeal and commitment to proceed our union forward. If I become the International Student Representative I would like to further improve and ameliorate the quality of all aspects of the student union to stimulate a refined attitude filled with enthusiasm, positivity, responsibility and innovation. I will put in all the hard yards to unite the forces of school leaders and students, so that students of this institution can actively take part with school activities and co-curriculum. From the stories I have heard, I genuinely feel that an international student should not have to go through all that is happening in Cape Breton especially during this fresh journey of life they have commenced in great country like Canada. With concern dedication, I want to lay a pleasant and contagious smile on everyone's face so as to offer them what they deserve irrespective of the nation they are representing.

DISCLAIMER: Caper Times is not responsible for the information provided on this page as the candidates themselves have provided the data. Caper Times is obliged by the Election Act to publish the same and the accuracy of the data is the responsibility of the candidates.

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