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  • Elections 2023

Meet Your Candidates: Priya Luthra

SRC 23- Residence Student Representative

I am Priya Luthra, an international student at Cape Breton University. By profession, I am a Dental Surgeon holding several years of experience. Currently, I am pursuing a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Health Care Management. I am standing for the position of Resident Representative under the category of Student Representative Council. Back in India, I have been a volunteer and advocate of mental health issues, assisting people to overcome their problems in their personal and professional lives. I possess extensive experience working within the corporate sector which has taught me to become a good leader. I strongly believe in sportsmanship which has inculcated team player spirit within me.

DISCLAIMER: Caper Times is not responsible for the information provided on this page as the candidates themselves have provided the data. Caper Times is obliged by the Election Act to publish the same and the accuracy of the data is the responsibility of the candidates.

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