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  • Elections 2023

Meet Your Candidates:

SRC 23- Off-campus Student Representative

I am Shobhna Rana. I am completing my Post-baccalaureate in Healthcare Management and I’m standing to be the next Student Representative for the off-campus residence seat.

I am an international student so I know what it’s like to be a “bit” from home. I am keen to ensure that students from across the world have the support they need while away from home.

I’ve also been active across campus in various different ways. After moving to Sydney I have been a part of community service at various places here. Back in India, I was a community worker doing my own bit in the best way possible and I thrive to do the same here in Sydney. As such, I am a strong supporter and proponent of advocating for the off-campus residence issues faced by students here at CBU and I am visionary that with due efforts I can truly make a difference. The sole reason to stand up for this particular position of Off-Campus representative is the struggle I went through even before stepping foot in Canada for finding a roof over my head, just like so many of my batch mates.

Ultimately, I am just an ordinary student who wants to see our Student’s union represent and work for us.

DISCLAIMER: Caper Times is not responsible for the information provided on this page as the candidates themselves have provided the data. Caper Times is obliged by the Election Act to publish the same and the accuracy of the data is the responsibility of the candidates.

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