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Meet Mya Trimm and Chloe Stewart – Candidates for CBUSU General Elections, 2022-23

Mya Trimm and Chloe Stewart is one of the slates running for the posts of President and Executive Vice President (respectively) in the Cape Breton University (CBU) Students’ Union general elections 2022-23.

Here are some words from the candidates themselves.

Mya Trimm

"Hello, Capers!

"My name is Mya Trimm standing for the post of President of CBU Students’ Union. I’m an Arts student at CBU. I currently work as the secretary and Freshmen Representative for the Students’ Representative Council, and a member of the CBU Senate. I’m brought up in Mira and I love reading books."

Chloe Stewart

"My name is Chloe Stewart standing for the Post of Executive Vice President at CBUSU General Elections 2022. I am from China, but I grew up in New Glasgow, NS. I’m an arts student at CBU. I worked as the social media co-ordinator at CBU Student’s Union and then appointed as the Executive Vice President for Cape Breton University’s Students Union."

The Team's Vision

"We are inspired to run after seeing firsthand the positive impact a strong union can have on the student body. We are so extremely grateful they’ve had the opportunity to work for and be part of this organization, they hope to carry this into the future.

"In a nutshell, Mya and Chloe’s platform includes bringing enhanced student life to CBU students through subcategories of increased campus life, accessibility, inclusivity, and community presence."

To know more about the upcoming CBUSU general elections, don’t forget to attend the virtual debate on Microsoft Teams on February 3, 2022. The link will be posted on CBUSU's Instagram page.

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