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Meet Mohammad Kamrul Hassan Kafi and Md Kaiser Alam: Candidates for CBUSU General Elections 2022-23

Mohammad Kamrul Hassan Kafi and Md Kaiser Alam are one of the slates running for the posts of President and Executive Vice-President respectively, for the Cape Breton University Students’ Union general elections 2022-23.

Mohammad Kamrul Hassan Kafi and Md Kaiser Alam are both from Bangladesh and had earlier graduated from the same university. Currently, they are both enrolled in the Post-Baccalaureate in Business Analytics program at CBU, with both in their first terms.

In their previous university, both of them were connected with various student communities and devoted themselves to working for students.

Kafi and Kaiser shared their views on what inspired them to stand for CBUSU general elections.

"Cape Breton University is a great place for any student and we both are proud to be a part of this beautiful university and admire its administration, the Students’ Union, and all the existing communities for establishing a diverse environment, which is the true beauty of an ideal university," they said.

"Our main aim is to work on increasing activities and participation of our students on campus and we would also like to work on the ways to reach out to all students and make them aware of the advantages they can acquire from the university."

Remember, your vote matters! Mark the dates – March 21 and 22, 2022 when you can vote for the next President and Vice-President of the CBUSU.

To know more about these elections, watch the recorded election debate. The link is available on CBUSU's Instagram page.

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