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Meet Avikalp Chaudhary and Rahul Luthra: Candidates for CBUSU General Elections 2022-23

Avikalp Chaudhary and Rahul Luthra are one of the slates running for the posts of President and Executive Vice-President respectively for the Cape Breton University (CBU) Students’ Union General elections 2022-23.

Avikalp is an international student from India, pursuing a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Management. After his arrival here in April 2021, he has worked for CBU as part of the MBA, CED team, serves as the President of Rotaract, and is on the student judicial board.

Rahul Luthra is a third year BACS/BBA student. Originally from India, Rahul started at CBU in May 2019 and has since worked as the Student Program Coordinator of the Community Engagement Program. He considers himself as an avid gamer and loves to watch and play soccer in his free time.

Avikalp and Rahul shared their views on what inspired them to stand in the CBUSU general elections.

Avikalp says: "I am inspired to stand for the role of CBUSU President as I truly believe in the platform the team developed and want to actively make a difference in the lives of the student body as a whole – not by taking baby steps, but by taking action."

On the other hand, Rahul says: "I have been here at CBU, for three years. As an international student, I have learned a lot about the hardships that international students face." He says that not much has changed between his arrival and now, and the problems he faced then are still problems today. Rahul wants to run - and win - because he wants to make a change for the better.

Caper Times asked Avikalp and Rahul about their vision, plans and the new ideas they’re looking to introduce. They said:

"One major thing we would like to implement at the CBUSU is an entirely new service to help students find part-time employment while studying. Our vision is for the Students’ Union to act as a 3rd party - connecting with employers in the CBRM and distributing resumes on behalf of those students seeking employment opportunities."

Additionally, they want to advocate for more food resources at CBU – pushing for accessibility, affordability, and a wider array of options – lowering the prices at Caper Convenience – and extending the CBUSU Food Bank so that it is open 12-months a year.

Remember, your vote matters! Mark the dates – March 21 and 22, 2022 when you can vote for the next President and Vice-President of the CBUSU.

To know more about these elections, watch the recorded election debate. The link is available on CBUSU's Instagram page.

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