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  • Hridya Chaudhary

Love’s a Bitch Songs as Different Places around the World – Eric Alexandrakis Album Review

Living in your head is the best thing ever. You know that one scene in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina where she has a solo dance party with herself, Love’s A Bitch is that album that you dance to. I’m listening to Love’s a Bitch by Eric Alexandrakis right now, and just traveling everywhere you could possibly imagine. Eric Alexandrakis is a Grammy-nominated musician and a songwriter-producer. His EP, Love’s a Bitch released on 1st February, and here’s where you can listen to it -

It kicks off with the perfect song too, – I love me? Yes, sign me up. More self-love for me. Imagine: You’re sitting on your echo chamber floor and it’s 2 am and you’re completing that one assignment that you were dreading to start, and this song just comes on the radio and you can’t help but get off your feet and start dancing. She Sparkles is a love ballad. Imagine: you live in a tiny NYC apartment with the love of your life, while this song just plays on the record player while you read, and they make your coffee. Dream come true. Alternatively: your s/o is just your long-lost twin flame vampire, and this is just an ode ballad of her sparkling in the sun. Mediterranean Sun gives me Hannah Montana plus Panic! at the Disco Vibes. For some reason, I love comparing everything to the cities I would wanna live in? Mediterranean Sun is LA. Imagine: you drive to the shittiest beach in LA in your half broken down SUV, and you don’t get parking anywhere because obviously, it’s a perfect hot day. You’re disappointed but you say fuck it and park really far away and hope to walk the rest of the way. You always loved walking anyway. It’s the only time you can really blast your music in your headphones. Mediterranean Sun is the song you choose. And you listen to it on repeat. London Girls… is situated in, London! Is that Christmas I feel flowing through my veins? Strap your high boots on and get ready to headbang in London. Stalker Fever (No Sleeping In The Dark) is an eerie small town that everybody is scared to go. Imagine: a horror movie but it’s real life and you’re the protagonist, and simultaneously, the first person to die. This song just plays in the background as you try to run away from the bad guys in the forest. Caroline The Hot Flight Attendant [Heathrow Terminal 3 Mix] is most definitely an alternate universe playlist where AI robots have taken over and all you can do is just sit at airports waiting for someone to come save you. Imagine: time is just a loop and the robots control every action and every decision you take and make. The last song bids us goodbye in a weird eccentric manner (I wouldn’t expect anything else anyway, to be honest). R.I.P Unfinished Business is that song which you would play on the last day of your summer camp when you’re kinda sad but not really and you’re kinda ecstatic to leave but not really, but you know that you have to in order for your life to move on? That.


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