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  • Deepali Verma

Loosing interest in the place I once loved

Falser words were never spoken, never really knew that these words from New York Times would start to making sense to me suddenly. Time changes an opinion.

After spending 21 years of my life in Delhi, one of the most populated cities of India, landing to the peaceful Cape Breton Island wasn’t overwhelming. Cape Breton University had almost become my second home since I came to Canada in 2021. After being surrounded by multiple opinions on being in a space with limited exposure and opportunities, the support from the university and amiable atmosphere made me stick around it for a while. I started enjoying everything eventually and Cape Breton almost became home, until the tables seem turning off.

While being an Editor for Caper Times, I’ve contributed a Student Insider in March 2022 for the current or the upcoming students who are planning to be a part of CBU family, sharing my opinion about being in Cape Breton and a part of the CBU family. There’s no doubt that the University tries to help students with the resources they’ve, but the student concerns and problems seem to be stagnant or probably need time to be resolved. The housing crisis has just made it even worse. The rise in expenses, drooping job opportunities and escalating student numbers have created a pitiful situation, where each student is just struggling to secure a shelter. I’ve a lot of friends who’ve been commuting from Halifax, to attend their classes, which would be worse in the harsh winter season. The students who’ve moved to different places for their co-op terms are expected to attend classes on campus, while there’s no place to stay. The situation is making students feel helpless. What’s more important than addressing student concerns, is to take appropriate actions and resolve issues. The life of an international student is already a synonym of ‘Struggle’. These additional problems might risk a student’s overall well- being, specially for the ones who’re going to experience their first snow at Cape Breton. The quality of life and education for the current students should be taken care of, before accepting new applications.

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