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The bustling Tim Hortons in the heart of the university cafeteria has recently ceased taking mobile orders, leading to long lines and frustrating waits for patrons during peak hours.

Previously, the online ordering system was a savior for students with tight class schedules who needed to grab a quick bite in between lectures. The ability to place orders via the Tim Hortons mobile app eliminated the need to stand in long lines and gave students the freedom to plan their food options in advance.

The effects of this decision were particularly evident during peak hours when the queue often snaked around the cafeteria, leaving students waiting for almost 20-30 minutes to get their coffee or something to eat. The situation has led to several complaints from students, who feel that the lack of mobile orders has created unnecessary inconvenience and chaos. The online ordering system was a convenient option for students with busy schedules who needed to make the most of their short breaks. It allowed them to order their food in advance, skip the line, and pick orders up on their way to class. However, with the recent change, students are left frustrated and scrambling to make it to class on time with their food.

One student, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed her frustration, "I used to rely on mobile orders to get my coffee and wrap before my 1 p.m. class, but now I have to stand in line for almost half an hour, and it's making me late for my lectures. It's just unacceptable." The situation is further worsened when some students ignored the line etiquette (much like the lines at bus stops) and let their ‘friends’ cut in front of them, with complete disregard for others.

The Boost app, which is another popular mobile ordering option for students, has also faced similar issues. Some students reported that the app did not support online ordering at times, contrary to what they have advertised throughout the campus, which the author was able to verify. This has only added to the frustration of the students who are now left with limited options for quick and convenient food options.

However, CT would also like to acknowledge how considerate the Timmy’s staff is, almost making up for the inconvenience with their politeness and hospitality. It is unfortunate that this situation has been going on for almost two weeks and with the exam season coming up, it is crucial that the issue is mitigated.

Caper Times was able to reach out to Chartwells, the company in charge of food services in CBU, regarding this issue and they have agreed to an interview. We will be updating our readers as soon as we receive news.

The decision to halt mobile orders at Tim Hortons has undoubtedly caused students inconvenience and disrupted their daily routines. It remains to be seen if the franchise will take any steps to address this issue and restore the online ordering system to help students manage their food planning effectively. In the meantime, we suggest our readers plan ahead and factor in extra time to wait in line at the cafeteria.

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