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Letter: Remote Jobs - A solution for the Job crisis in CBRM

Dear readers,

I have been following up on the discussion on low employment opportunities and the housing crisis among international students at Cape Breton University. Being an international student, I would like to shed some light on remote job opportunities available for students. Are they the future for CBU students?

Firstly, it is important to consider the housing crisis and low employment opportunities in Sydney, Cape Breton. The cost of living has been on the rise making it almost impossible for students and graduates to find affordable accommodation. On top of that, the lack of employment opportunities has resulted in young professionals leaving the region in search of better prospects.

In light of these challenges, remote jobs could be a viable option for CBU students and professionals who are looking to remain in the region. Remote jobs allow individuals to work for a company outside of their immediate area. This opens up a wider range of employment in fields that are not regionally available. It offers individuals more flexibility and work-life balance. Moreover, it reduces commuting costs and other associated costs, which is relevant in Cape Breton where public transportation is limited.

Being a remote employee, I find it promising for other students too. Managing both jobs and studies seems to be kind of tough but trust me you will get there. Even I started on the same path. Remote jobs could provide economic benefits to Cape Breton as a whole. By allowing individuals to work remotely, companies can tap into a broader talent pool, which can help to attract businesses to the region. This will lead to increased economic activity and job opportunities in the area.

Now coming to a job hunt. Many websites are there and are useful. For me, LinkedIn was of great help in creating connections and searching for jobs. It even has courses to update your skills to cater to a suitable job recommendation.

In conclusion, remote jobs present a promising solution for CBU students looking to stay and work in Cape Breton. By providing access to a wider range of employment opportunities, remote jobs can help to mitigate the challenges posed by limited job prospects. So I think Job search for remote opportunities should also be encouraged among students to explore.


Dr. Bonish Romance, PHARM D

Bonish is currently enrolled in the Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Healthcare Management program at CBU.

Disclaimer: The author and CT would like to remind the readers to verify and confirm the Work from Home/ Remote Job opportunities, if they receive one and this letter should be considered only as a guide to new opportunities.

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