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Let's get a virtual tour of the CBU campus

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Hey Capers!

It is a pleasure to see you all back on campus for the winter term and as many of you have just arrived here, I would like to offer you a quick tour of Cape Breton University (CBU).

By the way, if you are lost or cannot find something on campus – feel free to ask anybody. People here are really friendly and helpful, experienced it myself last semester.

Alright, let’s start from the main entrance. It is right behind the sign “Cape Breton University”. As you go in, you can see flags from all over the world. It symbolises diversity and value of different cultures. I used this place to meet with friends and we used to call it “The Flags”. Just to give you some background, I am from Ukraine, which is on the other side of the world, and I was glad and proud to find my flag there as well.

As you go through the alley you can see the art gallery which is a very atmospheric place and sometimes a venue for art events. Just beside the art gallery is International Student’s Welcome Center. If you turn left from there – you will get into the most vibrant places on campus: the cafeteria and the library. As you go through the corridor you will see the CBU bookstore on the right and the elevator to the Students’ Union in front of the entrance to the shop. In the store, you can buy essentials for studies: books, stationery, clothes.

The Union is a place where basically, students work for students. For instance, on the front desk, you can get a bus pass and ask any questions about upcoming events. The Union also has a Women Centre, Caper Times office, Radio and Podcast Station for you to contribute and participate. You can learn more on student’s union website or stop by.

Anyway, let’s get back to the tour. When the corridor from the flag alley to the cafeteria becomes wider and transforms into a square – you are in the heart of the university. It is the most vivid place where people chat, meet and chill. Some of them even study there, but I find it to be pretty noisy. There are several places where you can get some food like in Caper Convenience, Cafeteria and Timmy’s (Tim Hortons). However, if you want to get down to business and do not want anyone to distract you – keep walking and you will find the entrance to the library on your right. It has two floors and offers services such as printing and copying, research assistance, study rooms (booking is required), computers and lots of places to study. You can find a free spot on the first floor or go upstairs and sit in one of the half-closed boxes. Library working hours change sometimes but usually it is open from 8 am to 10 pm from Monday to Thursday, while their schedule for weekend varies. You can always find updates on CBU library website and on their Instagram page.

The thing I like the most about the CBU campus is that you can get to any of its places and not go outside. If you go to Tim Hortons and take the right path – it will lead you through the science classrooms to the Marvin Harvey building (there are math and writing centers for tutoring, Jennifer Keeping Center, to help if you struggle with studies, International Students Office for advising, financial and student services where you can ask questions and get up to date information) and further to the Shannon School of Business.

If you live outside CBU and come here only for studies – buses operate every hour from Monday to Saturday, but if you are a residence citizen – I have good news for you. It’s just a two-minute walk to get on campus or to the gym. Harris Hall is considered to be the main residence building, because there you can take the keys, get and top up your laundry card, withdraw money and ask questions to Doug Connors and Christine Harrietha. If you order something online, you will get the parcel in Christine’s office. All other mail will come to the assigned mailbox.

CBU has all services needed for students to feel comfortable and succeed in their studies. The only thing you have to do to get help is ask.

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