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Canada and other Commonwealth states honour the sacrifices of the members of the armed forces annually on Remembrance Day. This year was no different. On November 11th, 2022, CBU’s employees and students took part in remembering the brave people who fought for and are still fighting for the freedom Canadians enjoy.

About Remembrance Day

First celebrated in the early Eighteenth-Century UK, Remembrance Day was soon adopted internationally to commemorate the contribution of brave souls who stood up for the freedom of others. The red poppy, “a symbol of remembrance and hope for a peaceful future” is synonymous with Remembrance Day. The Red Poppy campaign is overseen by the Royal Canadian Legion, which utilizes the donations received to support veterans and their families. The Red Poppy was adopted from a poem written during the first world war titled “In Flanders Fields” by Canadian Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, who through this poem speaks about the tragedies of war and the need to remember the fallen. Cape Breton is no stranger to both World Wars and subsequent conflicts across the world and has played its part in both by being a vital seaport for the allies as well as participating in conflicts. The Cape Breton Highlanders, an infantry unit of the Canadian Army, Reserve was an active participant in both World Wars. The unit, headquartered in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, was organized as "ARGYLL HIGHLANDERS" In 1871 and was rebranded the Cape Breton Highlanders in 2011 "to show the pride and respect for enduring traditions in 2011."

CBU Student becomes the face of Remembrance Day 2022 in Sydney.

Amidst various events that were "trending" on Remembrance Day 2022, an image that stood out is that of CBU student Gurleen ‘Gurri’ Singh, standing in the drive-through of Whitney-Pier Tim Hortons to stop the drive-thru traffic for a 2-minute silence on Remembrance Day. The image was shared by popular radio stations in Atlantic Canada as well as many maritime Canadians, who commented on his gesture. Some even used the opportunity to educate others regarding the role played by Indian soldiers in both world wars. It is interesting that the Canadian Government announced a policy to recruit new immigrants around the same time. In the past, recruitment was almost exclusively a preserve for citizens.

Source: CBFM Facebook page

Caper Times was able to reach out to Gurri who was overjoyed by the support he received, in his words, “For just doing his duty.” He told CT that he is always happy to give back to the community and he is humbled by the sacrifices and deeds of the soldiers. When asked about what Remembrance Day is to him, Singh stated that it taught him to never think while doing something good for society as it will have a positive impact nevertheless and that is all that matters. Gurleen is taking the BHTM program at CBU and he has been a part of the community since 2020.

While Remembrance Day might be a new experience for many, the brave soldiers, sailors, and aviators are strangers to none. History always speaks about the sacrifices they had to make so that the rest would be safe. The relevance of an occasion like Remembrance Day is prominent in the present day with the ongoing tensions between world nations as well as the unrest and acts of terror occurring around the globe. As peace is becoming more of a fictional virtue, Remembrance Day will help to remind, and usher in a better tomorrow.


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