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The university experience is a gift and even though it is becoming more common, it is not necessarily a privilege that everyone carries. The experience turns into some of our fondest memories, and we often cherish moments as they turn out to be extremely impactful and emotional. The athletic department of CBU is bringing one such event where students are welcome to enjoy the show and look back upon it, long after it's passed.

The athletics department is often underappreciated, given their achievements and stats. Our very own Capers are excellent Athletes who have raked up achievements in several sports events that raised the pride of the university across the nation.

These wonderful athletes deserve the limelight and we would like to take this opportunity to recognize and show our support to some of our senior, most competitive athletes, Ozzy Omar, Paul Watson, Mackenzee Ryan, and Jason Callaghan on behalf of CBU for the senior student-athlete day.

That being said, let’s get to the show! CBU is hosting a game day weekend on Friday, February 10th, and Saturday, February 11th. There are women’s and men’s basketball games on both days. CBU capers will be playing against the University of Prince Edward Island’s panthers. The event is going to be filled with exciting moments, and noteworthy moments in addition to a grippy game. Students are invited and encouraged to attend the event; we promise it will be worthwhile! Before we get to the details of the when & where let’s look at why this event is special.

The games are a fundraiser event, aptly named, “shoot for the cure”, where the CBUs women’s basketball team along with the athletics and recreation department are raising money for the “cure breast cancer initiative”.

All the funds raised will support the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation and the Cape Breton Cancer Centre.

If you are interested in knowing more or donating, please click here.

Well, the game in itself along with its purpose is a good enough reason to attend the event and have fun. However, that is not all, there’s more and we did promise a memorable event, didn't we?

During the halftime of the games, there is a “shoot for cash, halftime challenge.” Co-Sponsored by Chartwells and Credit Union, giving one lucky fan the chance to win $5000. Participants will also receive a small prize from Credit Union for participating. The lucky contestant must make a lay-up, free throw, 3-pointer, and half-court shot in 24 seconds to win $5000!

The challenge will be active during the halftime intervals of the games. Students are welcome to take part in the challenge.

We do ask that students promote good sportsmanship and support the Capers by attending the event and cheering for Capers.

Find the details of the events below:


Sullivan Fieldhouse


Friday 10th February

Women's Basketball – 6 pm onwards

Men’s Basketball – 8 pm onwards

Saturday 11th February

Women's Basketball – 2 pm onwards

Men’s Basketball – 4 pm onwards

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