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  • Hridya Chaudhary

I just scrolled through TikTok for 2 hours so you don't have to.

Zilch guilt. Nada. It was for a good cause, don't come at me.

As most of you are aware, October is deemed as Mi'kmaq History Month. In order to celebrate and cherish the culture and heritage, I scrolled through TikTok for 2 hours to get you the best #JingleDress TikToks ever made in the history of TikToks; so that YOU don't sprain your neck and back like I did. All worth it, because I got to learn more about Indigenous culture and that can never be enough!

I present to you 10 TikToks that ought to blow your mind:

  1. Who can resist a glorious Just Did A Bad Thing (by Bill Wurtz) transformation TikTok. If you tell me this beat doesn't live in your head rent free, I'm just going to assume you're lying. As the name suggests, @indigenous_baddie is a famous Instagram and TikTok model/influencer who is extremely proud of her heritage and isn't afraid to show it.

2. A little pastel regalia moment never hurt nobody.

3. Brace yourselves for the most Canadian transformation video. All there's missing is a Timms coffee cup. We[I] would like to begin by acknowledging that we are in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. This territory is covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship” which Mi’kmaq Wəlastəkwiyik (Maliseet), and Passamaquoddy Peoples first signed with the British Crown in 1726. The treaties did not deal with surrender of lands and resources but in fact recognized Mi’kmaq and Wəlastəkwiyik (Maliseet) title and established the rules for what was to be an ongoing relationship between nations.

4. Indigenous culture teaches us that connection is of utmost importance, whether it be with elements of the Earth, or with fellow sisters. @ashleycallingbull is a motivational speaker along with being famous on TikTok.

5. 'Here's a really good picture of her. Thank-you for listening. That is all.' Period.

6. In the Mille Lacs' version of the Ojibwe Jingle Dress, the dance and the dress is a homage to this one little who was sick, nearing death. Her father, the Midewinini, prayed for her and had a vision of a dance that would heal his daughter. During the traditional drum ceremony, he brought his dream to life, and people sang, and women danced. The little girl was wearing a dress lined in rows of silver cones made of life of snuff cans. As the night went on, the little girl's health kept on improving.

Just looooook at the details involved in this piece.

7. If you're looking for a subtle ways to incorporate elements of The Jingle Dress into your daily-life outfits - here's some casual clothing, "humble" flair, and the full out Powwow regalia inspiration for you.

8. Alright, this might be the cutest one. You just got to wait for this. Breathe in, breathe out. Ready?

TINY TOT PRINCESS. I cannot emphasize enough,,, T I N Y T O T P R I N C E S S.

9. Feeling down? Get up, dress in Powwow regalia / look at Powwow regalia TikToks & be in your element. The only solution.

10. Sorry I couldn't resist including a bonus Wipe It Down Challenge by @indigenous_baddie because I am obsessed.

I could've gone on and on and on but we don't ALL want to sprain our neck and back. Cough.

Disclaimer: The intentions of this article is not to offend anybody. Educate us, if we're wrong. Thank-you for reading this.

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