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#HumansofCapeBretonUniversity: Meet Dexter Pillas

#HumansofCapeBretonUniversity is an initiative by The Caper Times to help bring about a sense of community and togetherness amongst the CBU community within the virtual set up. Every month, a staff member from The Caper Times will interview a student or faculty member from CBU and write about their experiences, world views or anything which they would like to share with Caper Times readers.

For our second edition of #HumansofCapeBretonUniversity we’re excited to introduce you to Dexter Pillas, an international student in his third semester of the Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Management.

Pictured: Dexter (top right) with his family

CT Staff: Tell us a little about yourself.

Dexter: My name is Dexter Pillas, and I am doing a Post-Baccalaureate in Business Management. I also have a degree in Accountancy and passed the licensure examination for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) thirty years ago. I chose that field not because I am interested in business and money, but because my grandparents told me it leads to great career options, too. Then, immediately, I decided to enter the corporate world, my vast experience in accounting profession has included life insurance, bank deposit insurance, beverage manufacturing and supermarket.

CT Staff: What do you like the most about Cape Breton and what made you decide to come here?

Dexter: Aside from the renowned Cabot trail and its dramatic coastal views, what I like the most about it, are the locals friendliness from the first the very day, I and my wife arrived here to register at CBU, look for a high school for my kids and for a place to stay. It is like a home away from home, because in our place, come seven o’clock in the evening, there are few cars and people on the street, not too many establishments that are open.

CT Staff: Why did you choose to pursue business management?

Dexter: In the span of my career, I have been working as an accountant or finance manager (behind the scene), I want to take it in the next level and broaden the range of my career path. It will help me grow professionally by understanding the other aspects of business, such as, sales and marketing management, strategic management and supply chain management. And develop my skills to lead and motivate people, make sound business decisions, troubleshoot and solve problems. Or as small business owner.

CT Staff: If you could give one piece of advice to the younger generation, what would it be?

Dexter: Never give up, it should not be an option in one’s life, persevere. Instead, strive to achieve his or her goal. And please allow me to quote Steve Jobs message before he died “nonstop pursuing of wealth will only turn a person into twisted being”, so learn to forego the material things in life and just live a life in moderation and be happy.

CT Staff: What was the happiest moment of your life?

Dexter: The happiest moment in my life is when I got married to my wife who was my elementary classmate in the Chinese school.

CT Staff: What is your most important priority?

Dexter: My most important priority in life is my family and in the center is God.

CT Staff: What is your one take away from your time at CBU?

Dexter: My one take away from my time in CBU is its diversity.

Reach out to ct_editorinchief if you would like to be featured in #HumansofCapeBretonUniversity or if you would like to nominate someone for it.

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