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  • Dariia Pasko

How to make friends? Guide for introverts

Disclaimer: opinion piece, sarcastic view on psychology and social situations, no intention to discriminate or offend

A lot of my friends struggle with making new friends. You will ask - how did they become friends with you? Honestly, it was either a very awkward situation or I thought that they are good people and my extroverted self took care of their introversion. However, jokes aside, they sometimes share how difficult it is for them to meet new people. As for me, it was a problem in the past, I know how they feel. So I found a couple of stories to show that speaking can make their lives a little less stressful.

So, dedicated to all shy introverts.

I saw a guy with his girlfriend walking in the park and taking several horse chestnuts from a tree. They were discussing how they could cook and eat them. If you are reading this, they are inedible, don’t try to eat them. I’m sorry for not telling you this in person. I’m an introvert. © bar six / Pikabu

The biggest problem in an introvert’s life is when you don’t text people in order to not look too pushy. And then you don’t text them because it has been so much time that you feel kind of awkward. © spoonwagon / Twitter

The app is called “You’re Cancelled.” When you’ve made plans that you wish you could cancel, you go into the app and press a little button. If the other person presses theirs too, congratulations! Confetti exploded and your plans are canceled. If you press yours but the other person doesn’t, your plans remain intact and they never find out you wanted to cancel. © mattie kahn / Twitter


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