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  • Hridya Chaudhary

How to be Happy 101

  1. Happiness comes from within. Material things provide temporary happiness. Sure, if a pair of pants makes you happy, buy them; but also, be aware that true peace is when you can be happy with or without those pants.

  2. Breakdowns are cathartic. It’s okay if you fail once, twice, thrice. It’s never in vain and you’ll always learn something. Get yourself up and try again.

  3. Find magic in little things. Yay, you get to drink coffee in the morning. Yay, you’ll get to see your best friend marry someday.

  4. Take a breather once in a while. Curl up with your favorite book and get lost in an alternate universe where work/education emails don’t exist.

  5. Go after what you want. Everybody can complain but only a few dare to give their 100% and go after what they want.

  6. Being content leads to being happy.

  7. What you give is what you get back. Try not to be mean. Be kind, be compassionate, be grateful.

  8. Have a proper routine. Sleep a proper 8 hours, eat healthily, meditate. But also, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do any of these. You’re the best judge of your body, mind, and heart.

  9. Being vulnerable is stronger than being unassailable.

  10. Nothing has to be “perfect” for you to enjoy it. Nothing CAN be perfect. Stop waiting for Friday, stop waiting for summer, stop waiting. Act on your ideas, nothing is stopping you.

  11. Love can save the world.

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