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  • Dariia Pasko

How a war changes your mind?

TRIGGER WARNING – This article contains information about violence, sexual assault and references to the nature of war. Some readers may find the article disturbing.

OPINION DISCLAIMER – the opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author. They so not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Caper Times

If you have a heart, thousands of people dying every day just to prove their right on existence would make you think. Think not only about their lives but about your life too.

War does not have to come to your house to make you realize that life only seems to be stable. Unfortunately, it came to the homes of 40 million Ukrainians.

Like our ancestors, we are peaceful hardworking people, who value family. Value and protect. Same as a beehive. We will not attack you unless you are attacking us. However, I never fully understand the meaning of home, the significance of people who are waiting to hear from you, until now.

I know it sounds weird for those who live far away from the conflict and do not have family in Ukraine. You cannot feel the same pain as each and every Ukrainian does right now. But what you can – do is try to put yourself in our shoes.

We learned about the cost of living the hard way. After the attack on a maternity hospital in Mariupol, a lot of pregnant women died or lost their children. Russians also bombarded the place where about 1000 civilians were hiding and we still do not know how many of them survived. More than 100 innocent children are dead. All of them were killed just because they lived in Ukraine, at home.

The enemy made the whole nation united as it never was before. It is fascinating how we start to value what we had when we lose it. Now, these words have more meaning than ever before and, to be honest, I wish I understood that before I was about to lose my country.

Everyone is living in their little bubble, in their reality sucked by everyday problems and sometimes things that do not matter that much. There is nothing wrong with that until you stop leaving your bubble, your comfort zone. Many of you supported me and helped as much as you could. But some of you decided that they do not relate to this. No judgment, no blame, but keep in mind that even though Ukraine is about 5000 miles away, it is part of the world you live in.

So how does war changes your mind? It reminds of simple things like a clear sky with no missiles, no fear going out of your house, quiet nights when you do not wake up from every sound, and certainty.

Maternity hospital

More than 100 children dead

1000 civilians hiding

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