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  • Pushya Chokshi

Here's what's going on at CBU's Public Health Society

Cape Breton University is one of the hot-spots for international students in Nova Scotia. Bachelors in Public Health is among the many courses here at CBU comprising the majority of the students with an international medical background including dentists, pharmacist, physiotherapist, and many others. Postgraduate diploma which is a 2-year course at the CBU is a popular course for international students whereas many undergraduates opt for a 4-year program. Public health society here at CBU is among the most active society functioning at CBU by the students of the CBU.

As the Society of Public health, they make sure that the public health students at the CBU get the best of it during their academic period and even after graduation when they are looking for a career perspective in public health. Various activities are carried out by the society assisting the students to gain proper knowledge, leading them in the right direction. Public health society does not only focuses on academics but also carries out fun activities including Halloween events and Christmas contests.

Here are the glimpses of a few programs carried out by the public health society:

CIPHI information and practicum information session: During this session, a recent graduate who cleared a practicum along with the CBU professors explained in detail about various hurdles and solutions to clear practicum. Getting a practicum is one of the most important and difficult parts of getting into the public health officer career.

Career Day: This was an online session where the faculties at CBU explained to the students about the different career perspectives after graduating from CBU. It was a wide explanation about enlisting the numerous possibilities.

There were many misconceptions among the students regarding working in private industries and other governmental bodies which were cleared during this session.

Pumpkin carving week: Usually these events are carried out at the university but amid pandemic, a virtual carving event was carried out. Contestants were supposed to post their carving pictures in order to enter the event and to get featured.

Tutoring events: Public health society also aids the student by proving tutoring services in the necessary course. Hydrogeology is considered one of the difficult subjects to catch, PHS makes sure that you do not fall behind by the lack of understanding.

Recently new executives of the committee took over the public health society and are really excited about the events to come. They are urging the students of public health to join the society to take advantage of the sessions and events.

The public health society of CBU is active on social media (Instagram and Facebook) which keeps students posted about the events and activities going on.

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