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  • Pushya Chokshi

Healthy Living Week at CBU

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Cape Breton University and CBUSU has always advocated for the well being of students. For more than a year we have been under the grip of a pandemic, it has crippled many of us when it comes to healthy living habits. To focus on health, CBU Students' Union organized a Healthy Living Week from 1st March to 5th March 2021. The main goal of this event was to inspire the students here at CBU to focus on healthy living practices and motivate them regarding the same.

The outline of the event was as follows:

1st March 2021:

The first day of Healthy Living Week started with the Breakfast Delivery Program. Students were supposed to register at the Union before 24th February to receive a parcel on 1st March. This package included some healthy breakfast options for students, motivating them to eat at home instead of doing take-aways.

It was a hassle-free event as the only thing students were supposed to do was register and the package was delivered right to their doorstep.

2nd March 2021:

Meditation is proven effective to maintain your health. Second day of this Healthy Living Week was devoted to meditation which took place at Breathing Space - A Yoga Studio.

Multiple students participated in this event making it a success.

3rd March 2021:

It was the myWellness takeover day wherein important information regarding the maintenance of health was provided by Mary Catherine under myWellness plan. myWellness is a CBU resource which provides students access to mental health and wellness information and supports. Its main aspects are: awareness, education, and care.

It was also a take-back night which encouraged the students to take a break from routine and go on the brisk walk.

Videos of those can be found under the Instagram handle of CBUSU.

4th March 2021:

It was previously scheduled as the ice skating event which then got postponed to later this month due to unforeseen circumstances.

5th March 2021:

This was the final day of CBU healthy living week which was celebrated at the fired creation-pottery café.

Many people joined for a fun night of painting and relaxation here at the café giving them a mental break from the monotonous class routine.

Spice it up: As a part of an event, the students were provided with the 10 spices that are essential to their cooking as a giveaway from CBUSU.

This was done to encourage cooking at home and making healthy choices. Different spices were provided keeping cultural diversity in mind.

To motivate the students for taking part in all these events “Fitbit Versa 2” was given to the luck participant at the end of the week.

Open Education week:

1st-5th March is also celebrated as an open education week here at CBU. The university has always advocated for open-source material to relieve the financial burden of the students.

Much more open-source material is available on the CBU library webpage. Novanet is also an important resource given to students at CBU free of charge.

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