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CBU student Anklesh Swaroop took to social media to narrate an incident that happened on the Route 5 North Sydney bus. He was one of many international students who were taking the 7 pm bus from George Street to Sydney River Walmart on 17th January 2023. In the post, Anklesh narrated that an individual who got on the bus started yelling and verbally abusing international students. At a certain point, he even threatened to blow the place up. Anklesh shared his experience on the CB international community, one of the largest social media forums for international students and immigrants in Cape Breton.

Source: CB International Community, Facebook (18th January 2023, 8.25 am)

Caper Times was able to contact Anklesh and help him escalate the incident with Transit authorities. According to the update provided to Anklesh, Transit Cape Breton officials were able to identify the individual and banned them from using the Transit facilities. He was also told that the same individual had tried to initiate a fight by challenging another international student earlier the same day.

Many Cape Bretoners came forward in solidarity with the international students who were victims of the incident and have asked the students to not consider the individual as a representative of the majority of the islanders and reminded the international student community that they are happy to have them here.

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